Midterm 1 Exam study hints

A Finance 4366 student asked me earlier today for midterm 1 exam study tips.  I recommend working the Sample Midterm 1 Exam, reviewing problem set 3–5 solutions, all of which will be available at http://derivatives.garven.com/category/problem-set-solutions/ by Thursday, February 15 for our midterm 1 review session.  It also wouldn’t hurt to review the assigned readings and lecture notes on which the exam is based:

Assigned Readings:

January 30 1. Hull, Chapters 1 (“(Introduction”), 2 (“Mechanics of Futures Markets”), 10 (“Mechanics of Options Markets”)
2. Futures and Options Markets (Optional), by Gregory J. Millman
February 1 1. Hull, Chapter 5 (“Determination of Forward and Futures Prices”)
2. A Simple Model of a Financial Market, by James R. Garven
February 8 1. Hull, Chapter 11 (“Properties of Stock Options”)
2. Properties of Stock Options Chapter synopsis, by James R. Garven
February 13 Hull, Chapter 12 (“Trading Strategies Involving Options”)

Lecture Notes:

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