Finance 4366 Final Letter Grades and Course Statistics

I have posted everyone’s final Finance 4366 numeric grades to Canvas, and the corresponding letter grades to Bearweb.

Here are the final descriptive statistics for all grade categories in  Finance 4366; interpretation of these data should be self-explanatory:

As indicated in the Grade Determination (part 5) of the course syllabus, your Final Course Numeric Grade (upon which the Final Letter Grade is based is calculated according to the following equation:

Final Course Numeric Grade = .10(Attendance and Participation) + .10(Quizzes) + .20(Problem Sets) + Max{.20(Midterm Exam 1) + .20(Midterm Exam 2) + .20(Final Exam), .20(Midterm Exam 1) + .40(Final Exam), .20(Midterm Exam 2) + .40(Final Exam)}

The Final Letter Grade is determined according to the following schedule, which also appears in part 5 of the course syllabus:

There were 27 students enrolled in section 1 (2-3:15 TR) of Finance 4366 during the Spring 2020 semester. The application of the Final Letter Grade schedule to the Final Course Numeric grades yielded a Finance 4366 GPA of 3.37; the histogram below shows how letter grades were distributed:

As you can see in the graph, there were 10 A’s (37%), 3 A-’s (11.1%), 5 B+’s (18.5%), 6 B’s (22.2%), 1 B- (3.7%), 1 C (3.7%), and 1 D- (3.7%).

In closing, I thoroughly enjoyed teaching you guys this semester and wish y’all the best!

Finance 4366