Required Text Materials in Finance 4366

The required textbook for the Options, Futures, and Other Derivatives (Finance 4366) course at Baylor University (coincidentally) shares the same title as the course.

Although I list the 11th (US) edition as “required” for Finance 4366 in the course syllabus, earlier editions of this book, e.g., the 8th, 9th, and 10th (US and international) editions, will also suffice since the chapters we cover in Finance 4366 are virtually identical across the 8th through 11th editions. When you make your purchase, make sure that the book author (John C. Hull) and title (Options, Futures, and Other Derivatives) are the same, that the edition of the book is no earlier than the 8th edition, and that you are buying the textbook and not the solutions manual or instructor’s manual.

Finally, don’t worry about whether the book you buy or rent includes the “Derivagem” software. Derivagem is an Excel-based Options Calculator and Applications Builder you can download Professor Hull’s website at

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