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Adobe Scan Addendum to “Moving Online — A Guide for Students”

This blog posting explains how to download a PDF file produced with the Adobe Scan app. Irrespective of how you sign in to Adobe Scan (i.e., via one of the “single sign-on” Google, Facebook, or Apple options or directly with Adobe (see step 2 in Appendix C (page 12) of Moving Online — A Guide for Students), you now have a free Adobe Document Cloud account where your scans are stored. To access these scans, open a web browser on a computer, type “” into the address field, and then sign in using the same credentials as you use with Adobe Scan:

After signing in to, the following screen appears:

Suppose you want to download the “Scan Mar 22, 2020” PDF file to your computer. By clicking on the “Scan Mar 22, 2020” PDF file link, then the following screen appears:

This document can be downloaded to your computer by clicking the Download button ( ) located at the upper right corner of this screen.

Khan Academy “Finance and capital markets” videos

Not only are the Khan Academy Calculus and Statistics videos that I referenced in a previous posting quite useful; I am also a big fan of the Khan Academy “Finance and capital markets” videos; these videos do a great job of effectively presenting some of the most important concepts which are typically covered in undergraduate and MBA level finance curricula. Note also that the “Options, swaps, futures, MBSs, CDOs, and other derivatives” subsection of the “Finance and capital markets” page covers many of the same topics that we will cover this semester in Finance 4366!