Important Finance 4366 announcement: Online version starting Tuesday, March 24th!

Finance 4366 class meetings and professor office hours are moving online, beginning on Tuesday, March 24. Even though we are no longer meeting on campus, we will abide by the published course meeting time, which is 11:00-12:15 TR (CDT). These meetings will be required. Also, I will begin holding my published office hours at the regularly scheduled times, which are 3:30-4:30 pm TR (CDT).

Here is how we will proceed:

  • Course-related materials will continue to be published on the course website as before.
  • Live-online classes will be facilitated through Cisco WebEx. Take notice of the new "WebEx" page on the course Canvas page. This will be our primary portal for online lectures. See Section (1) of the attached “Moving Online – A Guide for Students” document for more details.
  • Reading quizzes and problem set submission will move to Canvas. You will notice a few new pages have been added to Canvas. We will now use the "Quizzes" and "Assignments" pages found on the course’s left-side menu. See Sections (2) and (3) of the attached student guide for more details.
  • Office hours will also be held virtually through WebEx. See Section (4) of the attached student guide for more details.

Between now and class next Tuesday, please review the attached student guide so that you can be prepared for our first day back. I have scheduled a virtual office hour from 9-10 a.m. tomorrow, Friday, and Monday, so please “stop by” if you like; this will give an opportunity to test drive WebEx and also ask any questions you may have about Finance 4366. You can make this connection from Canvas (click on “WebEx” and then click on the “Virtual Office Hour with Dr. Garven (15737)”), or if you prefer, simply open a web browser and type “” in the address field.

Moving Online — A Guide for Students.pdf

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