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Although we are only 3 class meetings into the Fall 2017 semester, I have begun posting Finance 4366 grades to Canvas. If you login to Canvas and look at your grades, you’ll see entries for “Attendance”, “Quizzes”, and “Problem Sets”. The grades listed there are current, up to the grades for the first two quizzes and the first problem set, and reflect the average values in each category.

As I explain in my “Class participation in Finance 4366” blog posting, your class participation grade consists of three components: 1) class attendance, 2) participation in class (by being actively engaged; e.g., asking questions, offering insights, what have you) and 3) participation outside of class (by contributing via social media (Twitter/blog)). Between now and the last day of class, only the attendance component of the Finance 4366 participation grade will be reported on Canvas. Since all grades are reported according to a [0,100] scale, the attendance score indicates the percent of classes that you have attended as of a given point in time.

Going forward, I will try my best to keep the course grade-book up-to-date as the semester progresses. Depending upon your subsequent attendance and performance on quizzes and problem sets, these items will probably change over time. Furthermore, new grade categories will eventually be included; specifically, your two midterm and final exam grades. Once all the data have been collected (i.e., some time after the final exam for Finance 4366 been graded), I will assign a final participation grade as well as a final course numeric grade. The equation for determining the final course numeric grade and the schedule for assigning final course letter grades (based upon final course numeric grades) appear in the Grade Determination section of the course syllabus.

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