How to Succeed in 4366

Dear Students of Dr. Garven,

My name is Alexander Law, and I will be your Graduate Assistant for the course(s) you are taking with Dr. Garven. I just wanted to briefly go over some guidelines of what to expect for the class, and how to succeed in the course.

First, keep in mind that there will be quizzes at the beginning of class, whenever there are assigned readings for that day. Do also note that your homework assignments are due at the beginning of the class, and because the answer key is posted online after class, NO late work is accepted. Turning in an incomplete assignment is still better than getting a zero.

The first two homework assignments and weeks of class involve going over some of the basic math and statistics concepts you will need to do well in the course. You should expect to having a basic understanding of Calculus, particular deriving equations to solve for a maximum, as well as the standard normal distribution.

There will be three exams in the course, two midterms and a final, and approximately 10 problem sets. Since the first two problem sets are based upon your math and stats review, you should expect approx. 2-3 problem sets of content per exam. The Final can replace a low grade on a midterm, but if you are actively engaged in class and take care to study the problem sets diligently, you should be able to perform adequately on all three exams. The two midterms typically include at least 3 required problems consisting of 3-6 subsections per problem, and partial credit can awarded for each subset of the question.

Thank you for your time and considerations.


Alexander Law

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