How to know whether you are on track with Finance 4366 assignments

At any given point in time, all you need to ensure that you are on track with Finance 4366 assignments is to monitor due dates that are published on the course website. See for due dates pertaining to reading assignments, and for due dates pertaining to problem sets. Also keep in mind that short quizzes will be administered at the beginning of class on each of the dates indicated for required readings. As a case in point, since the required readings entitled “Optimization” and ” How long does it take to double (triple/quadruple/n-tuple) your money?” are listed as being due on Thursday, August 24, this means that class will begin with a quiz based upon that reading.

Also, don’t forget that you need to 1) fill out and submit the student information form, 2) subscribe to the Wall Street Journal , and 3) subscribe to the course blog prior to the start of class on Thursday. A completed Student information form is graded as a problem set and receives 100 points; if you don’t turn in a Student information form, then you will receive a 0 for this “problem set”. Furthermore, I count completion of tasks 2 and 3 above toward your class participation grade in Finance 4366.

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